July 3, 2008

i love four game series. no, for real.

Posted in los dodgers at 12:14 am by squishy

In the death cage match for mediocrity: 2-1!  We can’t lose this series!

Forgive me, Tina.  We probably lost our regular shortstop for the season (damn you, Furcal’s herniated disc!), and will have to scrape the bottom of the depth chart barrel.  Or make an ill-advised trade.  This could get ugly.

Photo: AP/Pat Sullivan


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  1. Tina said,

    I have to say… this series hurt a lot. A lot. I lower my pseudo bat to you and can only hope for better games in the future. Oh and Furcal’s a total wuss. He could totally play with a herniated disc. Surgery my ass.

    I would say that you won’t miss the SS as much with a solid, athletic 2B and 3B but I’m afraid Kent leaves you out of that scenario. Good and dependable, yes, but not what you’d want covering a SS’s ass.

    So how many ex-Astros are on your team now? I’ve mentioned 2 in this post alone. *sigh*

    I’m going to a game next weekend and my two consolations are that 1) I’m going to try to get there super early to get autographs and 2) they’re giving out retractable earbuds to the first 10,000 fans. I hope we go 17 innings again. Oh, but not lose this time. Damn Braves. Hate them too.

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