July 11, 2008

i am here; i just have nothing much to say

Posted in miscellany at 12:06 pm by squishy

14 more business days (not including today) until I am freed from the shackles of prostate cancer research and the inescapable stench of Stinker’s feet/sweat/cologne!  He, along with my fellow labmate/commiserator (much to her chagrin), has joined the departmental softball team, and was perhaps the dirtiest player (literally and figuratively) on the field.  Among other things, he slid hard into the 150 pound “second baseman” to break up a nonexistent double play.  In SOFTBALL. There was an injury delay… again, in SOFTBALL.

And the guy would not stop trash talking, despite the fact that only his unfortunate teammates were in earshot.  The captain (i.e. the schmoe who organized the league) had to lay it into him.

14 days.  Let the countdown begin.

PS: I love the new FireFox.  And I LOVE AdBlock.  I really don’t like the fact that all these Flash-happy ads are sucking up my cpu, so this does the trick.  Oh, how I love not having to see those things.

PPS: The Havaianas I bought in 2004 finally tore yesterday; the thong bit ripped out of the bottom.  Assuming I wore them about a quarter of the year, that’s a cost per wear of 4 cents.  Amazing.



  1. Tina said,

    Firefox is still sucking up my RAM though. Boo to that. I haven’t had a chance to do some tweaking and figure shit out though. Maybe AdBlock will do the trick.

    Anywoo, I support the playing dirty aspect of a softball league. And if that fool of a 2nd basemen was standing in front of the bag, he kind of got what he deserved. (ha! as if I’d actually ever be that aggressive with physical activity. I’m totally talking out of my ass.) Once I pulled a groin muscle playing softball. I was too embarassed to tell anyone (since I was only aware girls had groin muscles when I pulled mine and couldn’t think what else it could be), so I told them I’d hurt my toe and could no longer throw the ball from behind homeplate (I was the catcher) and watch it dribble towards them about halfway to the pitching mound (I was bad).

    I also managed to hit myself in the face with the ball, while I was at bat, and get out, all at the same time. I tried to convince the ump to let me take a base since I’d gotten hit by the pitch but he was very clear on the intervention of my bat in the whole process. Damn him.

    Watching the homerun derby tonight? I know it’s cheesy but last night’s game (I’d always been a Mets fan until the whole Beltran debacle went down) made me really want to see an awesome All-Star break. Here’s to hoping!

  2. squishy said,

    I am in awe of Josh Hamilton.

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