July 14, 2008

i must sound like a baseball geek

Posted in deportes at 10:39 pm by squishy

That’s probably because I am one.  But you already knew that.

I am not overly enamored with bat swings (or home run derbies, for that matter), but jesus smoking christ.

Kudos to Josh Hamilton, he of many personal demons, Justin Morneau (the guy that actually went home with the trophy) and Clay Counsil, the 71 year old BP pitcher.

There’s an excellent recap at BP by Joe Sheehan.  Highlights:

Hamilton batted for so long that he needed a water break, as did his personal pitcher, Clay Counsil, who might well end up in “Under the Knife” after throwing more than 50 pitches in his inning. He batted for so long that Milton Bradley toweled him off twice, getting more camera time than Erin Andrews. He batted for so long that he set the record for homers in a single round, shattering the previous mark, 24, held by Bobby Abreu.

He batted so long that he saved the Home Run Derby.

The House That Ruth Built, 85 years old, goes out as The House That Hamilton Knocked Down.

Photo: Hitting Illustrated



  1. Tina said,

    It was awesome. I’ve always been a bit wary of the whole Josh Hamilton (ex-addict) hoopla. I’ve watched too many Interventions on A&E to have any kind of favorable opinions or serious drug addicts, even reformed. That said, what an awesome, motherfucking show. I completely forgot what time it was, to eat dinner, to return a phone call, and a myriad of other things while he was batting. Granted he was up there awhile but damn!

    Small gripe: the whole time Berkman was hitting in the 2nd round the camera was in the booth, talking about old shit. I’m as big a fan of old shit as the next guy but did it have to be when the Astro was batting? Of course it did. (I’m getting uber-paranoid about ‘Stros coverage, even though it might be justified given their horrendous season so far.)

    I love that recap of the night. It sums it up perfectly. Can you imagine catching one of those balls? I want to go to the Homerun Derby one year.

    Did I mention A-Rod still sucks huge, hairy balls? (Apparently Madonna’s but that’s another post…) Hate to mess up your swing there, buddy. So sorry you couldn’t make it.

  2. squishy said,

    The cool part was that the other All Stars were in AWE of some of those shots. And had their kids get autographs in between pitches. I read somewhere that even the curmudgeonly reporters who never root for anyone or any team had to scrape their jaws off their laptops.

    I was driving home during the first part of the derby, and I’ll be the first to admit that listening to the home run derby on the radio is rather anticlimactic (“Hey, there’s another one. It went far.”), but they chose to interview everyone during Berkman’s first round. WTF. I was mad for you.

    A-Rod defies all description. My boss, as a Red Sox fan, is positively gleeful. He’s following the NY Post fanatically.

  3. Tina said,

    Did you watch the game last night? I love me some extra inning baseball, especially when teams are crying about using pitchers. It’s the middle of the season – get over it! If they need an extra day of rest, give it to them. It’s not like they’re playing in the play-offs next week. Good god. I’ve never heard such whining.

    Can we comment for a second on the asshatedness that is Joe Buck? Where the fuck does that dude come from? I’ve always disliked him but last night I remembered why. If I were Uggla, I’d kill him. Or at least rough him up a little. I’m not saying you have to white wash everything but Buck thinks he’s the cat’s meow and knows simply everything about baseball (or any sport for that matter). If I hear him say a pitch had a dirty tail on it one more time, or something similar, I will attempt to make a Joe Buck voodoo doll and poke him unrelentlessly in the spleen (area, I’m not good with anatomy). I could go on and on about him, but I hate to use valuable time on such a douchebag.

    Wasn’t it a great night for the Astros, though? (And for your catcher – man!) Berkman got a RBI and Tejada pretty much ran the show for a couple of innings. Oh and thanks ump for the phantom tag that allowed Tejada to look like a stellar defensive player there. Really appreciate that. : )

    Confession: I voted for Evan Longoria in the internet vote simply because his name makes me giggle, given the image it creates.

  4. squishy said,

    I complain about the stupidity of the ASG, but I watch as much as I can. This year was no exception.

    Brandon Webb did NOT look happy to be pitching. Which is fine with me, since we’re playing AZ this weekend. Heh.

    If they’re going to grouse about pitching an inning or two, what about my catcher?! He was in there for 10 innings ’cause Brian McCann got HBP in the hand or nads or something.

    I abhor the FOX broadcasting crew. I hate Buck and McCarver and Rosenthal (“The Dodgers are idiots because they didn’t get more pitching and go all out for the C.C. Sabathia 2 month special, even though they have one of the best starting and bullpen ERAs in the LEAGUE”), I hate it when they cover the LA games, I hate it when they cover the playoffs, I could only hate it more if they brought back Dane Cook for their promos. Their only redeeming factor is that they sufficiently gushed over Martin yesterday. Who, by the way, rocks my world. And Tejada can defend. The pitchout worked to perfection (aside from the whole not tagging business). He also reminded me of the Houston principle: those guys may look fat and/or slow, but they ain’t.

    I felt so bad for Uggla. 3 errors, 3 Ks, and had a couple chances to win the game with a single.

    Confession: I voted for Julio Lugo, a lackluster SS whose defensive shortcomings are made up by the fact that he can hit, but has yet to do so. Lugo!

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