July 18, 2008

two-step program to guarantee weepiness in 2.5 minutes

Posted in miscellany at 2:24 pm by squishy

‘Cause you never know when it might come in handy.

1. Menstruate.

2. Look up Derek Redmond on Wikipedia, YouTube or ESPN.

Step 2 optional; sometimes step 1 is more than enough.



  1. Rana said,

    That’s the guy in that commercial…have no clue what the commercial is for, but I get a little wet around the pupils every time.

  2. Tina said,


    Haven’t we seen enough injured-player-fights-through-the-pain-montages? Gymnastics, track, ladies softball. They’re effectively turning my heart into a piece of lead through which their x-ray “humanity” cannot puncture.

    But then again I become even bitchier and disgruntled than normal when I menstrate, if that’s even possible.

  3. Tina said,

    I meant menstruate I swear.

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