July 27, 2008


Posted in Uncategorized at 10:46 pm by squishy

5 people found this site today by searching for “flatulent whale.”  I’ve never thought of marine mammals passing gas*; it seems like a very Far Side kind of thing to do.

In more important news, my last day of work is this Thursday.  It is also the non-waiver trade deadline.  It will be a joyous yet nerve-wracking day.

Then for a month and a half, I can be found sleeping until noon, lollygagging about in the afternoons and doing whatever the hell I please until I am a student again.  FOUR MORE DAYS!  FOUR MORE DAYS!

* ETA: Come to think of it, can you imagine the sheer amount of gas generated by whales?  You’d have to rate the force of the sulfrous gales using the Beaufort Scale.



  1. Kelly said,

    how do you figure out what sort of wonderful search terms are used to find your blog?

    Also, speaking of whales and gas, I recently learned that whales blow up after they die. No joke. All the gas builds up and they just, explode. So now they get rid of whales by dragging them out to sea and blowing them up prematurely.

  2. Tina said,

    Okay. I’ll confess. It was me. I was searching for the term “flatulent whale” for a, ahem, research project, of course, and what did I come across? Squishy, oddly enough.

    Trade deadline!!! Fingers crossed for my team to deal Loretta and Erstad and come up with some pitchers. I’m not even sure anyone wanting those two could help out our bullpen.

    I’m making my NL playoff predictions right now:
    East – Phillies (I can’t root for the Mets as long as Beltran plays for them)
    Central – Cubs/Brewers
    West – Dodgers (admittedly, this is for your favor, Squishy, but it’s not exactly a long shot)
    Wildcard – Cubs/Brewers

    I do expect the ‘Stros to surge and come up close to 2nd in the Central but lose by a hair (just like last year). They’re really too good to be as bad as they are but they’re too bad to be good.

  3. squishy said,

    Kelly: It should be under blog stats… at least in wordpress. I can’t speak for Blogger, though. (And exploding whales? Ew. Yet cool. I can’t make up my mind.)

    Tina: I think the Dodgers are in the same boat as the Astros. I almost wanted the Dodgers to fall completely out of contention so 1. the GM had no need to trade away young talent and 2. the GM could get fired. It’s horrible to have a front office dunce that could wreak havoc on a plethora of young talent by trading for expensive, mediocre veterans.

  4. Tina said,

    You just described the entire Astros management (as in upper, not Coop) philosophy. Now I’m depressed.

  5. Rana said,

    Phillies, Phillies, Phillies. That is all.

    Except one more thing.

    Jayson Werth.

    Oh, wait, one more thing.

    Chase Utley.


  6. Tina said,

    Damn. That’s all I have to say. Did you see him coming to the Dodgers? I really stand by my post season predictions now. How can you guys not clinch the West? Arizona fans must be crying in their caps right about now… and rooting for the Yankees all of a sudden.

  7. squishy said,

    OH MY GOD.

    I waited until 1pm to go to lunch for this very reason, and I come back to find out Manny is a Dodger. I heard rumblings, but they mainly centered around one of the young/cheap/talented outfielders already on the 25 man roster. I’m amazed that Ned managed to get this done.

    Manny Ramírez, Mark Teixeira, C.C. Sabathia, Junior, hell even Pudge Rodriguez and Jason Bay. Those are some bigass names being moved.

  8. Rana said,

    Squish, darling. I’m disappointed. As soon as I heard about Manny, I immediately thought of you and then I don’t even get a whole post about the trade. Disappointing. What a lazy Dodgers fan you are.

    Also, is is creepy or flattering that I always think of you whenever the Dodgers are mentioned?

  9. Tina said,

    I always think of you, Rana, when people break my “don’t talk in the box” elevator rule. Is that creepy or flattering?

    And yeah, Squish, where’s the post?

  10. Rana said,

    Okay, Tina, my love. I read that and totally skipped the “elevator” part. I had a few seconds there where I tried to figure out which of my hilarious posts had to do with talking during oral sex. See, box=vagina.

    Good thing I reread your comment. Elevator=box makes the no talking rule make much more sense.

  11. Tina said,

    I guess now anytime someone talks during oral sex, first I’ll be annoyed and second I’ll think of you, which will probably make the whole endeavor useless as I foresee giggles coming soon thereafter. Nice. Thanks for that.

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