August 19, 2008


Posted in miscellany at 12:31 am by squishy

I quit my job, decompressed and enjoyed my time off.  I did nothing yet managed to waste plenty of money. The hours of sleep have increased, hours listening to NPR have decreased, and I have yet to go to a day game. Sunday would’ve been a good one. Walkoff hits are always nice, especially if it’s a hot player. Andre could stand to get a haircut, though.

Anyway, since I’ve last posted, Manny Ramírez was traded to the Dodgers and hit a bit, John Edwards admitted to an affair and may have even fathered a bastard kid, Dubya patted Misty May-Treanor’s upper ass, some dude with huge hands, feet, ears and short legs won a lot of medals, Pervez Musharraf resigned and Greg Maddux has been traded for.  Again.

It’ll take me a while to get back into the clichéd swing of things*. I mean, I almost forgot how to type.

* Among my long list of hated things, clichés are one of them. I couldn’t think of a better phrase, so I acknowledged the clichédness of the damn thing by prefacing it with “clichéd” but I still feel like a thoroughly unoriginal cheeseball for even typing that shit out. I’m open to suggestions, at which point I’ll delete it and pretend this never happened.



  1. Tina said,

    I see no point in hating cliches. It’s just the lazy way of getting across your meaning, without actually having to type out: I’m slow and out of it and seem to have a hard time typing, so bear with me. And hating laziness is definitely some form of self-loathing because who isn’t lazy at some point or another?

    See? All of the above is a fancy and drawn out way of saying that cliches “get the job done” or you know, they’re “right as rain.” No biggie.

  2. CK said,

    I hate cliches. Whenever I use them I try to preface them as well. Or make some sorry excuse for why I used them. I remember in my advanced magazine writing class in undergrad, the professor so adamantly opposed our use of cliches that he would take points off our writing. “Be original!” he boomed. Yeah, that broke the habit. If I learned anything in journalism school, it’s that cliches are bad.

    PS – this is kenzie from ST

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