August 27, 2008

despite my flawless feedback (which i’m mighty proud of), i might have to open a new account

Posted in asshat!, miscellany at 12:12 am by squishy

It turns out that I’m a much more prolific time-wasting nutbag of a compulsive typer* when I have a real job**.

So, main topic.  Someone I went on one date with found out what my eBay user name is.  I don’t know how or why, but he found out, and looked up the shit I bought in the past month or so (or however long it is before eBay stops linking to your past purchases).  Unfortunately, I recently won a few bra auctions since all my old bras are the wrong fucking size, so he could see what kind/size of undergarments I got.  He was classy enough to mention this in one of the creepiest e-mails ever.

As you can surmise, there was an excellent reason why there wasn’t a second date.  I’m only embarrassed I acquiesced to go on that first date at all.


I also want to mention that ever since getting a new iMac, I have been crashing it twice a week.  Clockwork.  I think I’ve cross-contaminated it with my disease-addled PCs.  A lot of things I touch turn to shite.

* I’m trying my best not to refer myself as one who blogs, let alone a blogger.  I still can’t explain my aversion to that word; then again, very few of my aversions are explainable.  Or rational, for that matter.

** Although I did start a small business with my pop, which is GNAWING AWAY AT THE FIBER OF MY BEING to the point that said small business would have no regularity problems in the off chance it had a gastrointestinal tract.  Graduate school will feel like a vacation in comparison.

Photo: long time no ICHC



  1. Tina said,

    “Graduate school will feel like a vacation in comparison.”

    hahahahaha! Read this again in 6 months.

    I thought Macs weren’t supposed to crash and shit? What the hell is the purpose of spending so much money on one then? And frankly, if I can’t infect a thing, I want nothing to do with it. (that statement should not be taken out of context…)

    As for the creepy guy, um, what? A cyber stalker after 1 date? Is that even remotely possible? I mean it obviously is but…

    You should buy a gun and a target and then see if he keeps ebay-stalking you. That’ll teach him. Although don’t really buy a gun. That’s bad. Maybe a dagger or something crazy knife-like.

  2. Kelly said,

    CREEPY. My god. I don’t understand some guys – I mean, can’t they hold in their creepiness long enough? If I were so pervy I was trying to bang everyone I saw, I surely would have learned how to get that far by now. I could at least PRETEND to be the kind of person that other people would want to be with.

  3. squishy said,

    My eBay ID has nothing to do with my name, squishy or any other moniker I’ve had. I don’t know how he found out. He never came over to see my account signed in.

    I made that information private. I don’t care if it looks sketchy to prospective sellers.

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