August 28, 2008


Posted in miscellany at 10:20 pm by squishy

Not as powerful as 2004, but that’s probably due to the element of surprise (and lack thereof tonight); plus the bar is set pretty durn high when it comes to Mr. Obama and public speaking.  Good job all around, but I was already going to vote for him anyway, as is the majority of California.  I hope the folks in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Michigan and Virginia were paying attention.

If you haven’t checked it out already, I recommend giving FiveThirtyEight a click. It primarily deals with the polling/statistical side of elections, and it appeals to the numbers geek in me.

PS: Want to get pissed off in 7 seconds flat? Read the comments following the articles.  Some steaming nuggets of shit:

“[Obama] is the reincarnation of Jim Jones. Just shows Americans are lemmings and can be easily led down the path of their own destruction”

“Even Hitler gave a good speech” — which actually got deleted by the mods a few seconds after I copy-pasted.  Actually, a bunch just got deleted before I got a chance to copy them down.  One of them called him a “closet Muslim.”

Photo: NYT/Damon Winter



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  1. Tina said,

    Hahaha! A closet Muslim? I’ve never met a closet Muslim – has anyone? It’s kind of impossible, isn’t it?

    I missed the good time to comment on this post but I thought his speech was great. His top two for me are still 2004 and his race speech (which I think will go down in history as a best of all time type speech). But he shut all the commentators down, didn’t he? If Pat Buchanan was impressed, he got the job done.

    I hope Rachel Maddow has Pat as her regular guest on her new talk show. Those two have an awesome dynamic.

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