August 29, 2008

i call it palin-induced bipolar disorder

Posted in wtf? at 5:34 pm by squishy

All day, I’ve been wavering between “rofl, this is going to blow up in the GOP’s face” and “jesus fluffy christ, Roe v. Wade is going to be overturned.”

PS: If Obama chose Hilary as his VP, I wonder who McCain would’ve gone with.

PPS: Biden must be just salivating for the debates to start.  He’s either going to make her look like a tool or himself a misogynist/bully.  I have little faith in Biden’s ability to shut up at the right time.

PPS: I love Samantha “The Love Pita” Bee.

PPPS: And her daughter is JAMIE-LYNN SPEARS, Y’ALL.



  1. lk said,

    Biden will eat her alive. He may look like a jerk doing it, but he will. She wont know what hit her.

  2. Tina said,

    O.M.G. I just cracked up reading that JLS bit. It’s totally wrong to make fun of her, of course, but you nailed first reactions right on the head. Uh-oh. I just cliche-mented on your personal thoughts web page thingee (not a blog). Am I banned for life?

    I also have no faith in Biden’s ability to shut the fuck up. Luckily Obama’s campaign seriously has their shit together. Hopefully they can nip that tendancy in the ass. (It’s too hard to not cliche-ment. You’ll have to ban me to stop me. It’s a sickness that can’t be helped.)

  3. squishy said,

    After that speech, Biden has my blessing to tear her to shreds. Just don’t be patronizing or chauvinistic about it, dear!

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