September 4, 2008

mccain the anticlimactic

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:08 pm by squishy

Dude sucks at public speaking.  C-.  It’s like he’s talking to a room of first graders (“Do, YOU, know, what, a, DOOOG, sounds, LIKE?  When, I, was, in, VIET, NAM, I didn’t, give, in.” :faux-gushing:). His hand gestures and facial expressions were so awkward I couldn’t watch.  And his timing was… was…

McPOW: “… but, NOT, my, opponent!”
– beat-
crowd: er.. BOOOO!!!

McPOW: “… MY FRIENDS! And, THAT’S, what, I’ll, do, for, America, and-”
crowd: w00t!
McPOW: (tries not to glare at audience for interrupting) “er.. and, and, I’m, going, to rock, my friends!”

Blame McCain or the audience, but the applause/boo timing was bad.  To top it off, I believe he blamed Obama for never being a POW.

PS: If he’s willing to Botox the shit out of his (fore)head, he might as well get his teeth bleached if only to downgrade his smile from Creepy to Mildly Lecherous.

PPS: I loved how NBC kept cutting away to the lone non-white person.


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  1. Tina said,

    His teeth are quite yellow aren’t they? You’d think Cindy would be on that. Really they’re both quite bad public speakers. I know he couldn’t have been that great last night (I watched), because my Repub friend has yet to email me asking what I thought, which she did after Palin and every other significant speech.

    My favorite was the guy who had the huge sign about McCain not caring about vets. Nice to claim all your POW stuff and then vote against all the bills benefiting vets.

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