September 27, 2008

i should get a commission for each perv

Posted in miscellany at 3:00 pm by squishy

I went out last night (first time in LA… meh), and gave the UCLA Police Department’s telephone* to the creepy/molester/bald Italian guys who asked for my phone number.

I’m playing matchmaker and saving everyone a step.  They’re basically reporting themselves!

* I remember numbers exceptionally well.  Names, not so much.

PS: NL WEST CHAMPS BITCHES!  The division sucks, yes I know.  Shut up, Mini-Steinbrenner.

PPS: I just found out that my cousin is an ardent McCain supporter.  Guh.



  1. Rana said,

    NL EAST CHAMPS BITCHES! My division doesn’t suck, as much, and it was a nail-biter!

  2. squishy said,

    The Mets collapse! Again!

    Whose head will roll this time?

  3. Tina said,

    I hate you both.

  4. Rana said,

    I’m sorry, Tina. I can’t hear you over the sounds of Met’s fans moaning and groaning.

  5. Tina said,

    As if the Mets downfall was more substantial than the Astros. It wasn’t. It was just more pathetic.

  6. Okay, that is genius. Giving the LAPD phone number to creepy perverts. You are my hero.

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