May 3, 2009


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Fow now, at least.  Hello!


September 5, 2008

sheepishly proud i am.

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I was so bored after watching McCain last night that I felt compelled to gut open my 3 year old Dell laptop (hugs and kisses) and clean it up.  SO MUCH DUST.  It’s so fucking quiet now, and it doesn’t overheat.  The CPU temp dropped about 10-15 degrees.


I wonder how much money McCain’s speech brought in for the Dems.  I don’t think it did much to rile up either party.

September 4, 2008

mccain the anticlimactic

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Dude sucks at public speaking.  C-.  It’s like he’s talking to a room of first graders (“Do, YOU, know, what, a, DOOOG, sounds, LIKE?  When, I, was, in, VIET, NAM, I didn’t, give, in.” :faux-gushing:). His hand gestures and facial expressions were so awkward I couldn’t watch.  And his timing was… was…

McPOW: “… but, NOT, my, opponent!”
– beat-
crowd: er.. BOOOO!!!

McPOW: “… MY FRIENDS! And, THAT’S, what, I’ll, do, for, America, and-”
crowd: w00t!
McPOW: (tries not to glare at audience for interrupting) “er.. and, and, I’m, going, to rock, my friends!”

Blame McCain or the audience, but the applause/boo timing was bad.  To top it off, I believe he blamed Obama for never being a POW.

PS: If he’s willing to Botox the shit out of his (fore)head, he might as well get his teeth bleached if only to downgrade his smile from Creepy to Mildly Lecherous.

PPS: I loved how NBC kept cutting away to the lone non-white person.

July 27, 2008


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5 people found this site today by searching for “flatulent whale.”  I’ve never thought of marine mammals passing gas*; it seems like a very Far Side kind of thing to do.

In more important news, my last day of work is this Thursday.  It is also the non-waiver trade deadline.  It will be a joyous yet nerve-wracking day.

Then for a month and a half, I can be found sleeping until noon, lollygagging about in the afternoons and doing whatever the hell I please until I am a student again.  FOUR MORE DAYS!  FOUR MORE DAYS!

* ETA: Come to think of it, can you imagine the sheer amount of gas generated by whales?  You’d have to rate the force of the sulfrous gales using the Beaufort Scale.

June 20, 2008

it’s a good thing i took that digital slr camera out of my cart

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woo hoo!

At any given moment, I have 5-50 items in my Amazon shopping cart, along with another 10-100 items that are “saved for later.” This is relevant because I got a shipment from Amazon yesterday, even though I have no recollection of ordering from them in the past month or so.

It turns out that I had drunk-Amazoned, and was lucid enough to archive the confirmation e-mail (I compulsively archive my gmail, so my inbox never exceeds 10.  There’s going to be a prescription drug for this soon). And two weeks later, I get a surprise!

*twiddles thumbs*

PS: I also got ‘Special Topics and Calamity Physics,’ but it was camera-shy.  And I never got a shipment confirmation!