May 3, 2009


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Fow now, at least.  Hello!


October 2, 2008

oh my fucking god

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Instead, pictures.



...where they ain't.

...where they ain't.

Photos: Los Angeles Times/Mark Boster; Los Angeles Times/Robert Gauthier

September 30, 2008

joe biden just needs to stay quiet. palin is going to immolate herself on national tv

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Youd think it would support John Walnuts* McCain

You'd think it would support John Walnuts* McCain

* Refer to this creepy video.

Photo: Enter wild guess here.

September 27, 2008

i should get a commission for each perv

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I went out last night (first time in LA… meh), and gave the UCLA Police Department’s telephone* to the creepy/molester/bald Italian guys who asked for my phone number.

I’m playing matchmaker and saving everyone a step.  They’re basically reporting themselves!

* I remember numbers exceptionally well.  Names, not so much.

PS: NL WEST CHAMPS BITCHES!  The division sucks, yes I know.  Shut up, Mini-Steinbrenner.

PPS: I just found out that my cousin is an ardent McCain supporter.  Guh.

September 15, 2008

moving blows

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…but thank the heavens for elevators.

EDIT! Day 3 of moving (it’s only from Orange to LA County; I guess it’s a trek if you take into consideration the horror that is the 405): it doesn’t blow any less.

September 14, 2008

if i had a choice, i don’t know if i would’ve preferred the internationally televised 2008 olympics that had michael phelps, nastia liukin, and the redeem team

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That’s a mouthful of a title. Longest title thus far!

On a more serious note, why these athletes weren’t featured in Visa commercials with Morgan Freeman narrations is beyond me.

Brazil's Severino Silva (#8) defends against Spain's Jose Lopez (#7) who tries to connect on a shot in front of Brazilian goalkeeper Fabio Vasconcelos Ribeiro (L) in their men's 5-a-side football match during the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games on September 9, 2008 at the Olympic Green hockey field in Beijing. Brazil defeated Spain 1-0 in a sport where each team fields four blind players and one sighted or visually impaired goalkeeper. (FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

Melissa Stockwell, right, of the United States, chats with coach Jimi Flowers during a U.S. team training session for the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, at the National Aquatics Center, known as the Water Cube, in Beijing Friday Sept. 5, 2008. Stockwell is one of two U.S. veterans competing in Beijing who were injured in Iraq. (AP Photo/Greg Baker)

Oscar Pistorius (R) of South Africa, Jerome Singleton (C) of the United States, and Christoph Bausch (L) of Switzerland compete in the Men's 100m T44 Final Athletics event at the National Stadium during day three of the 2008 Paralympic Games on September 9, 2008 in Beijing. (China Photos/Getty Images)

Yunidis Castillo of Cuba (C) wins gold in the final of the womens's 100m T46 race from Elena Chistilina (R) and Nikol Rodomakina (L) of Russia during the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games on September 10, 2008. (PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images)

Athletes test their tricycles through a tunnel at the Olympic National Stadium, known as the 'Bird's Nest', ahead of the Paralympic Games in Beijing Wednesday, Sept 3, 2008. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

And there are tons more… all via

Also more at

September 9, 2008

now that the winning streak is over, i can’t be blamed for jinxing them

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I’m kind of embarrassed to gush about the Dodgers, largely because Tina’s Astros have a better record but have a fraction of a chance to make it to the playoffs (thank the baseball gods for the NL West). But goddammit, 9 out of 10 and 2.5 games up on the Diamondbacks, who were 4.5 games above just a few weeks ago!

Ox! Thanks for the ulcers!

Guy was incorrectly called out, but that's beside the point.

Making the playoffs would be a wonderful “yay for graduate school!” present.

Photo: US Presswire/Christopher Hanewinckel

PS: I JUST learned how to add captions. I’m a fucking genius.

September 5, 2008

sheepishly proud i am.

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I was so bored after watching McCain last night that I felt compelled to gut open my 3 year old Dell laptop (hugs and kisses) and clean it up.  SO MUCH DUST.  It’s so fucking quiet now, and it doesn’t overheat.  The CPU temp dropped about 10-15 degrees.


I wonder how much money McCain’s speech brought in for the Dems.  I don’t think it did much to rile up either party.

September 4, 2008

mccain the anticlimactic

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Dude sucks at public speaking.  C-.  It’s like he’s talking to a room of first graders (“Do, YOU, know, what, a, DOOOG, sounds, LIKE?  When, I, was, in, VIET, NAM, I didn’t, give, in.” :faux-gushing:). His hand gestures and facial expressions were so awkward I couldn’t watch.  And his timing was… was…

McPOW: “… but, NOT, my, opponent!”
– beat-
crowd: er.. BOOOO!!!

McPOW: “… MY FRIENDS! And, THAT’S, what, I’ll, do, for, America, and-”
crowd: w00t!
McPOW: (tries not to glare at audience for interrupting) “er.. and, and, I’m, going, to rock, my friends!”

Blame McCain or the audience, but the applause/boo timing was bad.  To top it off, I believe he blamed Obama for never being a POW.

PS: If he’s willing to Botox the shit out of his (fore)head, he might as well get his teeth bleached if only to downgrade his smile from Creepy to Mildly Lecherous.

PPS: I loved how NBC kept cutting away to the lone non-white person.

September 3, 2008

i’m on a roll. i have the RNC to thank.

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Someone named Kelly left this comment at my new favorite website.  I had to share.

Republicans can either mock “liberal East Coast elites” or exploit 9/11. Not both. They can’t ridicule the live New Yorkers and declare that we have given up on America while they crassly use our tragedy and our dead to score political points.

On September 11, 2001, Sarah Palin’s husband belonged to a group that thought Alaska should secede from the United States. She doesn’t get to pretend she’s more American than the people that lost someone that day. That’s b*llsh*t.


And Mitt, shut the fuck up, you opportunistic hypocritical dicksmacker.

PS: The more I think about this speech, the angrier I’m getting.  I feel compelled to make the first campaign contribution in my life.

PPS: Oh, and that speech? It was written by a former Dubya speechwriter, Michael Scully.

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